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Welcome to La Laiterie.

Based in Paris, France, La Laiterie is an independant type foundry.
We design typefaces for text and display. We are distributing worlwide most of our typefaces.
And designing exclusive corporate typefaces for happy fews.


Indoo_D-01EPC is a drilling company with worlwide subsidiaries.
They needed to unify the identity and avoid the usage
of multiple different fonts by their subsidiaries.
La Laiterie created an exclusive font for that purpose.


Indoo_D-01RUCH is a distribution company with 90 years of tradition.
They are the leader on the press distribution market in Poland.
They recently developped the company and opened cafés.
They needed a font that can federate all of their subsidiaries.
The result is an unicase inspired by the famous Eurostyle font.


Indoo_D-01PKO is the national bank of Poland.
Module has been commissioned to redesign the identity
and the bank branches façades. Creating an exclusive font
was part of this global design project.


Indoo_D-01Louis Jadot is a vineyards scattered across Burgundy,
from the Côte d’Or to the Mâconnais and down into Beaujolais.
They had an Adobe Illustrator™ with a simple alphabet
to compose their bottle labels. We redesign the shape of the letters
and create an « easy to use » font from this file and added
accented glyphs and extra symbols so the font can be easily used
for the design of the lables and with their specific printer which « prints »
the wooden cases.


Indoo_D-01Rayman is a video game from Ubisoft. We create an exclusive font
to use for the global interface of the game.


Indoo_D-01Fonts commissioned for a movie called « Invisible Worlds »,
about Iceland and its ancients myths. The director wishes
to have the spirit of the runes in a latin alphabet.

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